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Entertainment rigging solutions for events and venues

Nexstage is Adelaide’s leading provider of entertainment and event rigging services. Our dedicated crew of experienced and ticketed riggers are experts in designing and installing rigging systems for corporate events, large-scale concerts, entertainment productions, theatre shows, community venues and more.

We can rig indoor or outdoor.

We can rig permanent installs or temporary productions.

We can rig large-scale concerts or small community productions.

With a well-planned approach, quality equipment and a focus on safety first, our expert crew will make your next production fly.

We can get anything off the ground:

  • Speakers and sound arrays
  • Screens and video equipment
  • Lighting rigs
  • Banners and event décor
  • Cars and machinery
  • Aerialists and performers

Imagine your product soaring through the air for your next launch or flying your CEO to a dramatic touchdown on the stage. As Adelaide’s leading rigging experts, we can make almost anything fly.

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Temporary production rigging for events, concerts, expos and more

Our experienced rigging team will install the infrastructure you need to produce an unforgettable event experience. From major concerts to sporting events to corporate galas and exhibitions, we can rig almost anything for almost any event.


Full-service solutions

We provide a collaborative full-service solution, tailored to your production rigging needs, including:

  • Complete rigging system design
  • Technical drawings
  • Testing and load-bearing analysis
  • Engineering sign-off
  • Safety and risk management reporting
  • Professional installation
  • Quick pack down


Extensive rigging equipment list

Our extensive range of quality rigging equipment includes:

  • Stage truss in various sizes
  • Chain hoists
  • Lighting and PA rigs
  • Roof and stage cover systems
  • Arched roofing systems
  • Speciality rigging products
  • Delay towers
  • Ground support systems (stage covers, archways, lighting grids and more)

Our range of equipment is versatile and lightweight for ease of installation, but strong enough to allow for high load weights. Our rigging is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and all gear is maintained and tested regularly to ensure safe operation.


Quick turnarounds for touring shows and tight venue deadlines

If your venue access time is limited, or you need to get your stage on the road fast for the next night’s gig, our large team of professional riggers will pull it down quickly, safely and methodically to meet the tightest deadlines.


Rigging for performers

We don’t just make equipment fly, we can make people fly too. Our specialist rigging services are perfect for aerialists and other acrobatic performers who need a safe performance space in the air. We can also program our motors to ensure acrobatic rigging is timed to meet performance cues.


Our stage or yours, it doesn’t matter

Our rigging services can be provided with our stage hire service, or without. We’ll happily work alongside your other staging and event providers to ensure a seamless production set up.

Talk to us about your event rigging needs, contact Nexstage today. <Link https://nexstage.com.au/#contact>


Permanent rigging solutions for your venue

If you need permanent rigging solutions in your venue, we have the in-house expertise and design know-how to help you. From hotel ballrooms to convention centres, community halls, theatres and more, we’ll create a rigging system for better production capability and maximum flexibility in your venue. Our installation will be designed to your specific needs using quality equipment and the safest installation methods.

As your dedicated rigging provider, we’ll get to know your building so we can collaborate with your team to identify what we can (and can’t) safely rig in your space. We’ll work with you and your building managers to ensure we design a system that works with the layout, aesthetic and functionality of your venue.

If you have audiovisual or staging equipment that you need hung permanently, we’ll safely install it for use in your future productions. We’ll also provide robust testing, safe working load limits (SWLL) and engineering sign-off for your rigging points.

Talk to us about your venue rigging needs, contact Nexstage today. <Link https://nexstage.com.au/#contact>


Safety is our priority

We’re not going to lie. Rigging is dangerous. When we’re working at heights, installing heavy objects to hang above your crowd, there’s no room for error. That’s why we take our safety, and yours, extremely seriously. We have robust risk management processes, fully-trained crew, well-maintained equipment and a culture of safety first.


Comprehensive safety reporting

We keep our industry knowledge up-to-date to ensure we comply with all safety standards and requirements. We have in-house safety officers and conduct system reviews regularly. When you engage our rigging services, we’ll create a safe work method statement (SWMS) for your job outlining the risk management approach we’ve taken to ensure your production is installed safely. You’ll get a copy of the SWMS for your records, as well as a copy of our $20 million public liability insurance cover.


Experienced crew

Our team of professional riggers are fully trained and ticketed for all work they undertake. They all hold a SafeWork SA Licence to Perform High Risk Work. We use safe working methods such as implementing exclusion zones, and personal protective equipment such as harnesses to ensure the safety of our team and other workers on-site.


Engineering sign-off required

We work with our team of independent structural engineers and designers to ensure our work meets global safety standards. In fact, the engineer must sign off on the system before we’ll let our crew touch a single piece of gear. We keep a regular maintenance schedule for our equipment to ensure it not only looks impeccable, but it’s always in good order for safe operations.


What our clients say

Well-planned safe work methods

“Nexstage operations are always well planned with appropriate safe work methods in place that workers have been consulted with and followed. The documentation is always available at my request. The product that Nexstage present is very well maintained and presents as a very good-looking product that stands above most other staging looks. Nexstage are proactive in ensuring designs and construction are checked and signed off by structural engineers before handing over to the event operator… They are proactive in the management of issues such as hazards and incidents and ensure that I am involved in the management process and outcomes…I highly recommend Nexstage.”

Paul Ploenges
Senior WHS Consultant


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