Nexstage has a team of highly committed professional riggers who provide rigging services to the entertainment and exhibition industry. Nexstage has a large inventory of rigging equipment including trussing, chain hoists as well as specialty rigging products. We provide rigging services for permanent installations as well as temporary solutions for exhibitions, theatre, live performances, aerialists and everything in between.

Our stock consists of a large range of roof and stage cover systems to ensure that no matter what the need we will have your event covered. The range varies in sizes from 6m x 4m to 17m x 15m and offers multiple style and design solutions.

Some of our smaller arced roof systems range from 6m x 4m to 8m x 12m giving scope to provide stage cover and a unique style to bring your event to the next level.

Ground support systems are a great solution for stage cover, arch ways, lighting grids and other more complex designs that will enable easy installation of both structure and production elements. These systems are versatile and light weight but still maintain high loading capability both on indoors and outdoors use.

All Nexstage’s systems are designed with safety in mind. They meet global safety standards as we work with a team of qualified structural engineers and designers to ensure a high quality and safe product is always delivered.